James Anziano for Springfield School Committee

Anziano for Springfield School Committee

Elect James Anziano for School Committee 2017

I love Springfield and will always work to make a better future for Springfield.

In 2005, I ran for Springfield City Council and talked about the importance of education and our teachers. The best way to fight crime and poverty in the City of Springfield is to educate our children and create a better future.

In 2006, I put my words into action and became a teacher. I taught 5 years at the High School of Science and Technology. It was there that I found my passion for teaching students. A passion I will cherish forever.

Now I want to take that passion to the School Committee and work for all the students, teachers and residents of Springfield.

Jim Anziano teaching at Springfield High School of Science and Technology

Make A Difference In Springfield

At High School of Science and Technology I was a Master of Ceremonies and raised over $2,500 of charitable donations for our annual International Fair. We helped build a well to give clean drinking water for an all-girls school in Uganda and made a donation to Doctors Without Borders in Syria.

This full collaboration of student, teacher and family gave everyone a true sense of community.

I have chaperoned for over 10 years a service trip with High School students from Cathedral HS now Pope Francis HS every April Break. We work with Habitat for Humanity,distribute food from the Jones County Food Bank,and have built and maintained a wonderful park in Maysville N.C. I look forward to this service trip every year and call it my soul food. This years trip is April 17th - April 22. Please check out some of the photos of this awe inspiring service to our fellow man later in our News section.

Springfield Students Need More Options to Success

Students need to be evenly placed throughout the schools so that all the schools can reach their full potential.

College isn't for everyone. Students need more options for their future success. That's why I support the need for another Trade/Vocational School. This gives students the skills they need to land a job after graduation and for others the skills they need to pay for their future higher education.

We need less testing and more teaching . We do not want to disrupt the flow of true lesson building. Life lessons are more important then too many district testings.

Springfield Teachers / Staff

This is why we teach. I took my Springfield history club on a field trip to city hall where they met Mayor Domenic Sarno. He asked them to be good ambassadors for Springfield by being proud and representing the city in and out of the classroom. They took this advice to heart immediately. After having lunch at the Red Rose they decided on their own account to give the left over pizzas to the homeless on they way back to school. As a teacher this was a very proud moment for me.

Springfield teachers deserve a fair and just contract that ensures honest evaluations, and demands stability and consistency in our schools.

Springfield needs to stop outsourcing teacher training. There are plenty of veteran, experienced and passionate teachers in the district that are capable and willing to provide this training. Let's pay our own teachers instead of giving tens of millions to outside contractors.

As your School Committee member I will work to ensure fair and accurate SEEDS evaluations.Springfield needs to put a stop to the common administrative practice of manipulating these evaluations and make sure these evaluations are used to develop better educators.

Para Professionals like Teachers deserve to be paid for school cancellations.

Teachers and Department heads should be the ones who determine what courses they teach each year. This will provide for consistency and stability.

There needs to be one standard lesson plan template that is used by everyone in the district.

Less data taking more life lesson building.

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Jim Anziano Working On Habitat for Humanity Student Service Trip

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